Living in Bangalore and working in IT. I mainly intend to document my treks and travel in this blog.

The technical postings in this blog are my own and don’t necessarily represent the views of my employer.

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  1. krishna says:


    Can you please provide me the Guide contact for Aramane gadde trek?


    • Bharata says:

      Will mail the details privately

      • Anand says:


        would like to treck with you as you seem to be more expertise in this field. could you please share your contact and future trecking plans. My email is armskdr@gmail.com/+91-9916249447.


      • Bharata says:

        Thanks. Will ping you if we run short of people next time 🙂

      • Zygmunt says:

        I’m planning to organize small trip to India.
        My, ma 17 years old doter, maybe somebody else.
        Flight to Bangalore after that Shravanabelagola, Belur, Halebid, Udupi and what is for me most important forest of Western Gats.
        It is my third trip to India after more than 20 years break. Without any international tourist office, but simply airplane ticket + backpack. I want to see in Western Gats natural forest of India mostly jungle, could you advise me something ? Where to go ? Where to stay for 3 days ? What to see ?
        I’m looking for advice from “first hand”, not from tourist office.
        All the best

      • Bharata says:

        Replied privately – Thanks

  2. Dinesh baboo says:

    Dear Mr. Bharat,
    I am film director Dinesh Baboo.
    Went through your photos of some of the temples of Karnataka.. Quite impressive..!
    I am in the process of making a documentary on the lesser known temples of karnataka and I guess I could use your valuable experience..
    Kindly contact if you can.
    You can call me in..9686040506
    Thank you

  3. Pankaj Nath says:

    Hi Bharat, my name is Pankaj, an entrepreneur from Mumbai, I need your help with a project, request if you can get in touch with me on 9821045114, or share your contact details so I can call you


  4. Poorna says:

    Hi Bharata,

    I tumbled upon your blog while googling for Alekan falls. What a find! Lovely account of your travels. I loved your experiences in Auden’s col…….

    Any treks coming up?

    We – wife and i – are avid travellers too. Please check out my blog. Let us keep in touch.

    Best regards,

    98450 44486

  5. k babu govindha raj says:


    I am a Scientist working in the Khatling Glacier, Himalaya. can i get some of the Khatling Galcier Field Photogrphs and its Lakes enroute. My E-mail id is babugovindraj@gmail.com.

    Expecting a kind reply..

    k Babu Govindha Raj

  6. Saurabh Kinariwala says:

    Excellent travel blog. In Dec 2013 from Mysore we want to see temples around Haveri and Gadag. Need your help! Can you suggest hotels and guide? Thank you so much.

    • Bharata says:

      Saurabh – Since I never stayed at these towns, I am unaware of the accommodation facilities here. Check internet for good hotels. I don’t think you can get guides for some of these less-visited temples. Refer to the wikipedia links I have given in my blog posts for details on the temples.

  7. Hema says:

    I came across your blog about your Thailand – Cambodia visit when I was looking for re rentry permit.
    Do you know if they still give re renty permit in the Aranyaprathet border? I couldn’t find the contact details of the Aranyaprathet checkpoint. Please let me know the contact number of Aranyaprathet checkpoint if you know. Please reply to my email.
    Btw your blog is very interesting and informative 🙂

  8. Dilip says:

    hey can you please give me the guide details for the treks in and around Gundia IB, Shriradi ghat etc..

    Thanks a lot for the information.


  9. sandhya says:

    hi bharata, i am a friend of your colleague kg deepak. we are publishing a book and are interested in using some of your pix. can you please mail us you contact details at raintreemedia@gmail.com.

  10. Anantha Hadagali says:

    Hi Bharata,
    nice blog. we were planning to visit Aramane gudda. can you please share contact details of guide? thank u.. ;o)

    Anantha Hadagali

  11. Pratap says:

    Hi Bharata,

    Really nice blogs! I was reading your blog on Venkatagiri and Arebetta. Could you please share the guide details with me. And the Armane gudaa guide details too. My email id is pratap.sikdar@gmail.com

  12. Gururaj Kulkarni says:

    Hi Bharata,

    Am Gururaj from Bangalore, during this Christmas holidays , with my family I would like to visit most of the waterfalse you mentioned around Sirsi. But theseday i started hating hotel accomodation and hotel food :-(.

    If you know, could you please me with any homestay facility around Sirsi who can also help in providing cab facility for these sightseens?

    Many Thanks

  13. Raghavendra says:

    Hi, I am Raghavendra can send me the guide name and contact number. we are planing to go armane gadde.

  14. harsha hegde says:

    Hi, I am Harsha. can you plz send me the guide name and contact number of aramane gadde. we are planing to go armane gadde. my email: harsharhk@gmail.com

  15. chandan says:

    can u please provide your contact no. ?????????
    i pleased to get suggestions from u….nvchandan3@gmail.com

  16. Prakash BV says:

    Dear Mr. Bharatha,
    I chanced upon your blog & was happy to read the experiences with lovely pictutres. I would like to do a few treks with a friend,like Aramane Gadde, Baale gudda & Minchkallu in March 2nd week. Do you think it would be a good time ? Can I call you some time ? My no. is 9845329317.

    • Bharata says:

      Prakash – March will be hot and mostly devoid of any greenery and hence might not be a good time to trek. Pinged you on your mail ID – Thanks

  17. Sumeet K says:

    Dear Mr. Rao – I would like to trek the Western Ghats during the week. I have holidays from the 13th to 16th March 2014. Could you suggest some treks given that it is summer and also the guide details for the trek.

    • Bharata says:

      Summer is not the right season for Western Ghats trek, it will be hot, humid and water availability will be a problem. You might try a few easy day treks in Shiradi or Charmadi Ghats.

  18. Nikshep K N says:

    Dear Mr Rao,
    I am very interested in a trek in and around Charmadi ghat after I read the detailed description of your experiences there. A group of 40 to 50 Students from NITK Surathkal are planning to go there on 22nd and 23rd March. Can you please suggest some nice places we could cover in 2 days and also any contact number of a guide if possible. We will be extremely grateful since we have very less time to plan.

    Nikshep K N
    Convener, Artists’ Forum
    NITK, Surathkal.

  19. Veer says:

    Dear Mr Rao,

    I have gone through your blogs which are very well narrated. Happy to read your blogs and amazing pictures.
    We want to go for 2 day trip(trekking) to either Kudremukh or Charmadi ghat (After going through your blog).
    we are group of 10+ and planning to go in mid july.
    Need your suggestion or help…as that time will be the rainy season is it safe to go to any of these places.
    If yes then please give some guidance with guide phone no’s if you have.

    Also you can suggest us any other places which has about 10km trek.


  20. Varun Rao Aroor says:

    A well documented travel blog!!! I am also planning on trekking in the shiradi range in the coming months. Could you please let me know the contact info for the guide you took for aramane gudde and ombattu betta. Thanks.

  21. Rahul says:

    Sir, is it possible to join you for the treks. We will belgaum and my e mail id is rahulbadiwale@gmail.com

  22. Lahari MH says:

    Found a pic of Sonda Kote in google. Got to know that its your click.. Thanks a lot Sir 🙂

  23. Sindhuja says:


    I want to know from where did you collected the rig veda samhita, even I want to buy those collections.



  24. Pradeep Nayak says:

    Brooo…gud mng…I wanna knw about awesome waterfalls in and around charmadi…I always go biking towards western ghats…
    9844400437 – wattsapp
    thanks in advance bro

  25. Hi

    Can you please email me your contact details? My email id is :
    saboo87@gmail.com.Thanks in advance !

  26. Chetan Kadamba says:

    Namasthe/ನಮಸ್ತೆ ,
    I am planning for a trek in western ghat.
    could pls send me your details.
    ಚೇತನ ಕದಂಬ

  27. Ganesh Bhat.. says:


    Can you please email your contact details…My nail id is naturalskumta@gmail.com.

    need some information about trekking places in sirsi.. siddapur region..

  28. Biswajit Dey says:

    Can you please give me the contact details of guide of Auden’s col trek ..
    My mail Id – biswajitdey34@gmail.com

  29. VENKATARAMAN B R says:


  30. Sanjay Munireddy says:

    Could you please send me the contact details as I would like to purchase Kannada versions of Mahabharata and Ramayana.My email ID is sanjay.munireddy@icloud.com

  31. Ram says:

    Hello Sir,

    Could you please provide the contact number as i need to purchase mahabharata book .
    Name – Ram
    My contact No. 7899441445

  32. Ram says:

    Hello Sir,
    Kindly share your contact number as I need to purchase mahabharat book.

    Contact number – 7899441445

  33. Chandan says:

    Excellent write-ups on varied subjects. This is Chandan, your classmate from St. Thomas School. Hope you remember.

  34. tanumoy says:

    Hi Bharata,

    I am planing to go on an off-bit route in himachal. My plan is to start from Malana -> animal pss -> sara unga -> tosh. But I don’t know where we will find porters. Can you help me with that? I heard that from Bhuntar we can get porters (but not sure about the authenticity). My Contact info is given below. Please share if you have any info on this.

    Email : tanumoy.chakraborty.2010@gmail.com
    Contact : 8017921929

  35. Vinay Gopal says:

    Hi Bharata,

    Can you please let me know the address of the store where you purchased the SrimanMahaabharatha book from.

  36. Umesh says:


    would like to treck with you as you seem to be more expertise in this field. could you please share your contact and future trecking plans. My email is umesh_12@rediffmail.com/+91-9886962260


  37. Ashwin Kumar says:

    I also want to buy rigveda books. Where it is available sir.

  38. Bharath Bhat cr says:

    Hi Bharat,

    I would like to buy the Kannada version of Rigveda (36 volumes), I am not able to buy it online, can you pls let me know where it’s available?

    My email address-bharathbhattcr@gmail.com

    • Bharata says:

      I am told that physical copies which used to be available in Kannada and Culture Dept book store in Townhall, Bangalore are sold out. The jayachamarajendra grantha mala has introduced e books of all 36 volumes of rugveda and puranas.

  39. divakardr says:

    Hi sir
    I’m glad to say that your blog is helping me lot in collecting spiritual books in kannada but u r not books for yajurveda atharvaveda and samaveda so please let me know where we can get this things.

  40. divakardr says:

    Hi sir
    I’m glad to say that your blog is helping me lot in collecting spiritual books in kannada but u r not mention books which includes yajurveda atharvaveda and samaveda so please let me know where we can get this things.

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