January 10, 2014
When I was in Himalayas last year during the Animal Pass and Sara Umga Pass trek,  I was forced to spend an idle day at Shamshi Thach, thanks to the bad weather. There was nothing else to do on that day and it was a bit depressing to look at clouds engulfing the peaks all around.
A peak seen from Shamshi Thach camp

A peak seen from Shamshi Thach camp

The same peak masked by clouds

The same peak masked by clouds

Now that depression has come out in the form of a poem in Sanskrit. The poet (who is also the trekker here) isn’t amused by the clouds covering all the beautiful peaks and gives a piece of his mind to the Clouds and also gives a bit of free advice!

The poem is set in Anushtup chandas. This being my 1st attempt in Sanskrit poetry, I am sure, will have mistakes, but I thank my brother-in-law Krishnamoorthy Bhat for suggesting some corrections and improvements.


रचितं कालिदासेन खण्डकाव्यं तवोपरि |

प्रेमयुक्तं मनोहासं मेघ ते मधुरान्वितम् || १ ||
[O cloud, Kalidasa wrote a lyrical poem on you which had love, sweetness and that was enjoyable]

रचयाम्य्ल्पकाव्यन्तु एतत्त्वं श्रोतुमर्हसि |

उद्दिश्य त्वामहं सत्यं आकाशचलनप्रिय || २ ||
[One who likes to move in the sky (aka Cloud), (Now) I am writing a small poem addressing you that you should listen to]
मेघदूते गुणी भूत्वा अकरोत् कर्म वै सुखम् |
मत्काव्ये किन्तु आक्षेपं  निश्चयेन करोम्यहम् || ३ ||
[In (Kalidasa’s poem) Meghadoota, you did a nice job being a good person. But in my poem, I am blaming you for sure]

शिखराणि अनेकानि शोभन्ते तु हिमालये |
हिमावृतानि सर्वाणि श्रेष्ठानि धवलानि च || ४ ||
[A number of snow-covered, white, high peaks adorn the Himalaya]

भ्रमसि त्वमहोरात्रं नित्यं मेघ हिमालये |
त्वमावृणोसि शैलानि यथा राहुः दिवाकरम् || ५ ||
[O cloud, you roam around the Himalaya day and right regularly, and cover/mask the peaks like how Rahu masks the Sun]

कान्तिहीनं प्रभाहीनं पर्वतं च करिष्यसि |
अविवेकं कठोरञ्च कार्यं तव न रोचते || ६ ||
[You take the shine out of the mountain and this thoughtless and cruel act of yours isn’t liked by me]

मित्रमस्ति गिरेर्मित्रः दुर्दशां न सहिष्यति |
क्षणमात्रेण ते गर्वः द्रविष्यति न संशयः || ७ ||
[Sun, who is mountain’s friend will not like his (mountain’s) bad situation. No doubt that your arrogance will melt in a jiffy (thanks to Sun)]

त्वामेव हि निरीक्षन्ते जनाः मीनं बकः यथा |
जलधर भवान् गत्वा वर्षधारां तथा कुरु || ८ ||
[People wait for you like crane waits (patiently, eagerly) for a fish. O cloud who holds the water, you go there and cause rain]

भवान्तु कुत आयातः यत्रकुत्रापि गच्छति |

तेन तुष्टो भविष्यामि मावृणोतु हिमश्रियम् || ९ ||

[Where do you come from ? You roam around aimlessly. Don’t mask the mountain and I will be happy]

संस्कृतं न जानामि न जानामि पाणिनिम्।
पदार्थमपि  न जानामि क्षमस्व वागीश्वरि॥